Physician Practice Advisory Services

Medical practices must operate within multiple legally defined frameworks—organizational, regulatory, contractual, financial. The Innovators Law Firm specializes in and can help ensure that these frameworks function optimally both separately and as a unified whole.

My services to physician groups and entities cover such areas as:

  • corporate governance
  • contractual business relationships
  • operational innovation & reimbursement problems
  • general healthcare legal and regulatory compliance
  • mergers and acquisitions

Every medical group is unique and proper management strategy can optimize its distinctiveness as it evolves and depending on the goals of the organization. Ideally, a practice is conceived and established to fill an unmet need in a community—whether that need is for a medical specialty or simply for greater capacity in a field like primary care. A well-managed practice grows and changes with the community it serves; and needs a legal partner to assist in its growth. Good physician group or entity management begins with the legally correct and appropriate corporate structure and regulatory compliance plan. The group’s orientation depends on many factors, including state laws such as those regulating the corporate practice of medicine. The structure may need to be reorganized and evaluated for a number of reasons: entering new areas of care such as initial implementation of telemedicine, or opening a virtual practice location across state lines; acquiring another competing practice or merging with a strategic partner; or financing the growth and operations of the practice, or selling their existing practice Helping physician organizations create the appropriate entity under which to do business enables them to operationalize their practices efficiently and is a particular focus of our firm Revenue generation imposes many pressures on physician practices. Managing a physician practice is complex as well as crucial, and we can help your group, clinic, or lab more effectively operationalize its assets and increase revenue streams compliantly and legally. Contracts and other legal agreements are crucial to this process. Externally, contracting with business partners, insurance payors, and technology vendors can be overwhelming in a physician practice because of compliance issues with Stark Law, Anti-Kickback statutes, and HIPAA, to name but three areas. Internally, optimization of contractual relationships with an entity’s member physicians and other professional and licensed personnel, and the comprehensive review of these agreements, are a distinctive aspect of my legal expertise.

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